What is the Equine Mastery Education System?

“EMES” is an equestrian education system that can guide a student, whether child or adult, from the first barn visit all the way to international-quality horsemanship.  We designed EMES with the hunter-jumper discipline in mind, but much of EMES applies to ANYONE in the horse world.

There are four paths in the EMES universe:  Riding & Horsemanship, Horse Management, Facility Management, and Competition.  Horse Management and Facility Management are suitable for any discipline, whether your student is a barrel racing fan or an aspiring Olympic groom.  Riding & Horsemanship and Competition are based on the American Hunter Jumper Forward Seat Riding tradition.

The first book, Riding & Horsemanship – Beginner – Level One – Unit 1, is available for purchase now at www.emes.academy .   The next book, Horse Management – Beginner – Level One – Unit 1, is coming soon!

EMES teaches the nitty-gritty of the horse world, from meeting a horse safely for the first time, all the way to pre-vet preparation or international-level skills.  EMES is, for the horse world, a highly structured course of study that spans pre-school to graduate school.  Many collegiate riding program leaders and international trainers appreciate the concept of EMES and say, “We’re all in!”  The horse world needs a foundation of eager learners who have a clear path to mastery.

Anyone who gets near a horse needs to be safe.  EMES teaches “best practices” for safe and effective progress in the sport.  And… anyone who has the “horse-crazy” gene wants to have fun, too!  EMES takes your horse-crazy kid or spouse or student on the journey of a lifetime with horses.  Safe, fun, and skilled:  the goals of an EMES education.

The sheer volume of information that’s “out there” for horse people is staggering.  How do you clean a bucket?  What’s a blind spot and why does it matter?  How do you detect hind-end lameness in a horse? How do you perfect the automatic release?  There is so much to learn.  EMES organizes this ocean of information.

The EMES system will seem familiar to anyone who has experience with these methods:   U. S. Pony Club, Royal School of Church Music, the Suzuki String Program, the German Equestrian Federation training program, CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association), or the Royal Academy of Dance.  All these programs teach mastery of material in their fields, but EMES, in addition, makes a point of addressing a unique problem in equestrian education:  the ethics of our specialty.  We must safeguard the wellbeing of another species.

 How is EMES structured? 

  • Four courses of study:  Riding & Horsemanship, Horse Management, Facility Management, Competition.
  • Each course of study has four ranks:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Mastery.
  • Each rank has four levels:  Level One, Level Two, Level Three, Level Four.
  • Each level has four units:  Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 4.

For example, in the first book, Riding & Horsemanship – Beginner – Level One – Unit 1, the first thing newbie horse people learn is the DO’s and DON’Ts of barn safety.  By the end of the book, they’ve completed their first horseback riding lesson on the lunge.

What does the EMES program cost?

  • First-year membership for students and trainers is $39.  Annual membership after the first year is $25
  • The books for each unit are $24.95, plus shipping and tax, and can be purchased at www.emes.academy

What’s included with membership?

  •  Your own personal member profile with your status, posted on the EMES website with your permission
  • Your unique lifetime EMES member ID number
  • A beautiful full-color 11×17 chart to track your progress
  • Access to the exclusive members-only site for a year

Fun printable learning materials

Practice tests

   Trainer lesson plans

  • Beautiful certificates of completion after you have passed a unit or level test

The EMES community of credentialed trainers, as well as junior and amateur members, is growing.  Visit www.emes.academy to find out more!

Raegan Comeaux
EMES writer, USHJA credentialed coach, USEF licensed official

Barbara Newtown
EMES writer, Oldenburg breeder, journalist, college writing teacher

Jasmine Throckmorton
EMES editor, college English instructor, facility manager at The Four Winds (Colorado)

B St. John
EMES illustrator, trained at Savannah College of Art & Design

Margaret Murphy
Writer, Riding & Horsemanship Beginner Level 1 Unit 1

Meredith Denny
Owner & chief graphic designer at Meredith Denny Designs

Megan Smith
Independent Marketing Coordinator

Marcus Mebes
Graphic design manager at Louisiana Association for the Blind (LAB)

Beth Jones
Owner & graphic designer at Galloping Graphics