The Future of Equine Education

For yourself. For your horse. For your sport.

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Horsemen Welcome

New horse enthusiast? Seasoned equestrian? All are welcome! Our accurate, timeless, and safe information means you’ll be learning, having fun, and achieving goals no matter your skill level.

Self-paced Learning

Text books accompany each unit & compliment lesson plans so students can learn whenever and wherever.

Standardized Skill Levels

Written and practical exams ensure a fair assessment of knowledge and horsemanship.

Ready-to-teach Lesson Plans

Every unit comes with a standard lesson plan keeping learning safe, systematic, and fun.

For The Love of the Horse

We believe that every horseman should have access to the knowledge and the skills needed to keep their horse safe and healthy.

Don’t we owe it to ourselves? Don’t we owe it to our horse?

Horses give us so much without question: their love, their trust, their life. The mere fact that this prey animal allows us – a predator – to crawl on their back and command their skill is a gift. All they request in return? A good life free from harm. As horsemen, it is our responsibility to care for, protect, and preserve these gentle giants to the best of our knowledge and ability.

Our mission is to provide all horsemen access to an unparalleled equestrian education, ensure all horses are treated with love and respect, and to leave our equestrian world better than we found it.